Adrenaline offers the following related services that integrate with the AMP platform across all your branches.


Retail Surveys

Gather and store essential data from your physical sites.

Digital Signage

Manage your digital content throughout environments.


Retail Communications

Effectively reach customers with in-branch messaging.



Do you know what’s in your branches? When you perform retail surveys of your branches, you gather important site data that can be integrated and managed through the AMP platform. AMP lifts the veil to give you the ability to manage your infrastructure and technology, interior and exterior signage, site conditions and more.

Survey teams visit your branches to document everything on site, including detailed measurements and photographs of all your tech, signage and merchandise. All of the data is catalogued in AMP, so you’ll always know what’s in your branches.

Useable Physical Data

Fixtures from your sites are tagged and added to the system, completely searchable and updatable from a single digital platform. You can better understand an overall branch health index to assess your needs, making your life easier and saving you valuable time. 

Designed Zoning Strategy

Based on the consumer journey in your space, review a zoning strategy that's unique to you that provides a strategic baseline for an organized retail layout experience.



Prices provided below are estimated. System setup costs may apply. 


Level 1 : From $450

Existing Asset Review

Client provided floor plans

Client provided photography

Client provided existing merchandising photography & spreadsheet


Level 2 : From $830

Existing Asset Documentation

Field drawn branch zone diagram or verify client provided floor plans

Existing merchandising

Exterior photography

Interior customer facing photography 


Level 3 : From $1500

Retail Asset Recommendation

Retail Planogram (> 12" +/-)

Existing merchandising

Exterior photography

Interior customer facing photography


Level 4 : From $4000

Legacy Asset Refresh

Architectural scale floor plan

Facility conditions report (Branch Health Index) 

Existing merchandising

Exterior photography

Interior customer facing photography

Interior non-customer facing photography

Detail documentation of: teller back wall, teller line, waiting area walls, drive up lanes, on-site ATMs

ADD-ONS : From $350

Retail Asset Recommendation

Photo Measure Retail Windows

Exterior Signage

Declutter, Patch/Paint

Branch Health Survey - Basic

Branch Health Survey - Moderate

Branch Health Survey - Comprehensive




How effective is your digital signage? It can be an ideal branch communication vehicle when it’s intelligently integrated within your environment. AMP provides a fully managed approach to in-branch digital signage, with a content management system that gives you control over your content and playlists. 

With AMP, both static and digital communications can be linked within the same system, along with customizable playlists and an easily searchable content library. You can use one single database to control signage, music and more by branch, zone and even time of day. 

When you work with AMP, you’ll work with a team that understands both space and content, along with all the tech aspects of digital signage. We seamlessly provide system support and can help you more effectively manage your in-branch systems.

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In-branch messaging can be a strategic and successful marketing and cross-sell tool for your bank. This owned media space represents the most valuable touchpoint you have to reach your customers — Are you making the most of it? AMP can help you more successfully deploy segmented communications across your physical spaces.

Adrenaline, the creators of AMP, have unique expertise in creating in-branch creative campaigns that can help your messaging stand out. Product and service messages are strategically mapped to your customer journey and synched with external marketing efforts. So your messaging is streamlined and relevant across all mediums.