Streamlining your static and digital communications in-branch.


Asset Management Platform (AMP) is a digital cloud-based SaaS platform designed to help you manage all of your physical spaces.

AMP stores all of your branch information, such as floor plans, equipment and service tickets, and manages ongoing communications and digital signage. And it keeps everything up-to-date in real-time. Compare site performance across all your branches and dig in with detailed reporting so you can make strategic decisions about improvements to your retail touchpoints.

AMP saves you time so you can accomplish more with less. Each service is specifically designed to help you be everywhere at once. With AMP, you can spend less time on coordination and deployment, and focus more on delivering amazing in-branch experiences.


Adrenaline is an experience design company that creates and implements end-to-end branded experiences through creative and environmental design. We enhance our clients’ customer experiences across virtual and physical channels, from their branding and advertising to design and technology in their spaces.

After transforming an organizations’ brand, Adrenaline extends it across all touchpoints — from employees to the market to in-store environments. We fill in the gaps between traditional architectural agencies, design consultancies, digital signage companies, exterior signage vendors, and advertising and branding agencies.

Our knowledge of how to implement brands and environments informs our front-end strategy to create an experience, and guides the process through completion. We focus on serving industries that sell human experiences including financial, healthcare, sports and entertainment.